1922 Martin Luther King Jr., Way

(between Berkeley Way & Hearst St.)

Berkeley, CA 94704


Tel: 415-939-2832


Find FREE parking spots on top

of our building or shop at Trader Joe's

across the street and visit us later!

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3:00 - 9:00 PM

3:00 - 9:00 PM

3:00 - 9:00 PM

1:15 - 9:30 PM

1:15 - 9:30 PM

1:15 - 8:00 PM

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our menu!

Super Mango Crepe Combo


Pandan Crepe Combo

Meet Thai style homemade pandan crepe with two mini gelato or sorbet scoops plus chocolate and dressing!


Mango Aloha Cup

Have you tried mango stick rice? Yes, we have got it for you with a choice of your gelato/sorbet!


Muddy Krabi Cup

Make your own pie! Try our chocolate cookie muddy pie with layers chocolate lemongrass gelato, topped with hand roasted shred coconut. You pick the middle layer flavor!


Mini Palettes - Great DEAL!

- 4 choices of your mini scoops

- One scoop of sticky rice

- One choice of Thai toppings


Gelato (We rotate flavors every week)

Thai iced tea, Chocolate lemongrass, Roasted coconut, Strawberry lavender, Black sesame, Thai kaya, Taro Coco, Taroreo, Melon Mangluk

$3.49 - $6.25

Sorbet (We rotate flavors every week)

Salted tamarind, Mango - passion fruit and chilli, Soursop and ginger, Blackberry and Singha Beer, Strawberry melon, Pineapple lychee, Pineapple basil, Mixed berry, Coco and dark Chocolate, Jackfruit and Jasmin, Dark chocolate coconut

$3.49 - $6.25

Pandan Waffle Bowl / Cone

Add our homemade pandan waffle bowl for your mini palettes or any scoops!


Thai Kaya Toast

Experience a slice of your choice of traditional Thai pandan or Thai tea toast that Bangkokers enjoy as an all day street dessert!


0.5 pint Pandan Sticky Rice

Add our $0.50 dairy free sweet and savory green sticky rice that made of coconut milk and pandan on side of your scoop or take the $3.50 - 10oz cup home with you to enjoy!


Thai Toppings

- Pandan sticky rice

- Lychee - coco gel (most popular)

- Tropical gel

- Thai style hand roasted coconut

- Coconut gel

- Jackfruit

- Chocolate Cookie Crumbs


Traditional Beverage

- Thai Iced Coffee

- Sweet Thai Iced Tea

- Unsweet Thai Iced Tea

- Nom Yen (Iced milky Sala drink)


Fancy Beverage

- Thai iced tea, iced coffee with a scoop of gelato plus shred roasted coconut

- Passion fruit juice with tropical gel and a scoop of sorbet

$4.99 - 5.25

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Note: Our gelato is wheat free and gluten free. It contains yolk. And we only use brown sugar for sweetener.

           Price include taxes. 

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